Wines of Northern Italy a Travelogue
Wed, October 9th 2013 7PM-8:30PM

Blanchards West Roxbury
Explore the best Northern Italy has to offer as Steve takes you through an account of his last trip to Italy. We will start near Lake Garda and examine some excellent wines from Lugana, Valpollicella and Bardolino. Next we will journey north to the Alto Adige region couched in the dramatic Dolomite Mountains where we found some crisp, dry white wines and an excellent Pinot Noir.  Traveling south and east to Valdobbiandene, and the elegant University town of Conegliano, we will refresh our palate with Prosecco before turning south and west to Tuscany. Here we will partake of an excellent Vernaccia from San Gimignano and two beautifully fashioned Sangiovese-based wines from Chianti Classico and coastal Tuscany. Finally we will head north along the coast to the near paradise of Liguaria. Here, near the border with France, the Alps come down to the Mediterranean, and we will sample some truly unique wines from the Bruna family estate. Produced in minute quantities from regional grapes such as Pigato (white) and Rossese (red), these are remarkably refreshing and delicious wines that are a rare find and should not be missed.    Buy tickets here
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