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Stara Lubovna belongs to the royal cities of the Spiš region. The first indirect mention of this picturesque town is maintained in the year 1235 but its origin is certainly older. A long 360 years Stara Lubovna was part of the Polish Kingdom. An important date for Stara Lubovna was the year 1364, when the town became a statute royal city, awarded town privileges and tapping rights. After the termination of property listing had materialized on the castle. Part of the castle was a distillery which in 1773 was drawn in a detailed map that has been maintained till today. According to this, the distillery had its own treatment mill of raw materials, such as grain cleaner and fruit washer, which shows the maturity and the quality of produced beverages.
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Goral Vodka  750ml     
The perfect production process starts with the selection of the best wheat which is turned into a highest quality ethanol with the special 7 times distillation process. This super fine product is refined by carbo-filtration process which guarantees the smoothness and gentleness in terms of human senses. In this phase ... click for more details
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