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Founded in 1977 in Alba, Italy, proprietor and head distiller Paolo Marolo creates his eponymous grappas by following two simple rules: source superior, single varietal pomace and press it as soon as possible. Freshness is so essential to Paolo that he keeps his discontinuous Bain Marie copper stills running around the clock during the harvest season. The discontinuous distillation method is traditional to the area and one favored by small producers because it allows them to manually control the pace and evolution of the distillation. Over the years, Paolo has successfully developed key relationships with wineries throughout Italy to secure the finest pomace for Grappa Marolo. His attention to detail has become legendary and as such he is considered a Master Grappaioli.
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Marolo Grappa Brunello  375ml     
From Sangiovese grapes grown in Montalcino (Tuscany). The iris flower on the label is symbolic, since the predominant note is flowery. Of outstanding purity, this product exhibits the most quintessential grappa characteristics of the entire collection. Aromas and flavors include peach and apple, as well as a touch of ... click for more details
Sku: 20659
Reg. $32.99

Marolo Grappa Camomile  375ml     
This grappa is based on an old family recipe, used by Signora Lodovina, and perfected by her grandson, Paolo Marolo. It clearly exudes the fresh aroma of chamomile tea with honeyed sweetness. The recipe is both very simple and very difficult, because it takes a master to balance the ingredients of this unique liqueur, the ... click for more details
Sku: 47538
Reg. $29.99

Marolo Grappa Moscato  375ml     
  Sku: 20658
Reg. $32.99