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Macphails Collection Mortlach 15 Year Scotch  750ml     
AROMA WITHOUT WATER Initially sweet, fresh and fragrant with a distinct malty nose. Citrus elements develop - fresh orange peel. Well rounded. TASTE WITHOUT WATER More subtle sweetness, hints of candied fruits. A rounded Sherry edge is evident and some raisin and sultana notes emerge. AROMA WITH WATER Malty and fresh ... click for more details
Sku: 19498
Reg. $79.99

Mortlach Rare Old Single Malt  750ml     
Reserved and discreet, first showing a ripe fruity tang of red plum, peach and blackberry. A dryer note in the smooth, nutty layer underneath reveals complexity and depth. In time theres the baked sweetness of a buttery Madeira cake. The oak is restrained and natural, recalling a dry, sunny autumn day in the woods.... click for more details
Sku: 40998
Reg. $139.99