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With its long history , Ruffino is a living symbol of the quality progress which the entire Italian wine sector has undertaken through the twentieth century. Ruffino’s production philosophy is based on two leading concepts: The quality of its wines and the expression of the territories where these wines are produced - a winemaking art which Ruffino has refined throughout the decades. With the desire to bring the best quality the Tuscan territory has to offer to wine lovers all over the world, Ruffino has contributed significantly to the creation of the fine image which Italian winemaking holds on the international wine scene today. Chianti Ruffino, followed by Riserva Ducale, was one of the very first wines to cross the Italian border and introduce Italian wine to the world. Present in over 85 countries covering 5 continents, Ruffino is an international leader of great wines ”Made in Italy!
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Ruffino Chianti DOCG  750ml     
Ruffino Chianti holds a very special place in the winery’s heart. This wine was first produced by winery founders Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffino, and for over a century it has been a benchmark for the entire Chianti category. For many consumers worldwide, Ruffino Chianti is Chianti. Ruffino has, in fact, greatly ... click for more details
Sku: 8010
Reg. $8.99

Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio  750ml     
Lumina is an innovative wine in many ways: It is Ruffino’s first Pinot Grigio It represents Ruffino’s first official extension beyond its Tuscan roots Lumina means ”Illumination of the moon.” The label’s quartered-moon icon represents the ancient alchemist’s symbol for this planet. It  click for more details
Sku: 26408
Reg. $9.99

Ruffino Moscato d'Asti  750ml       
Ruffino Moscato d’Asti is pleasantly sweet and fragrant with distinct notes of peach and orange blossoms. This wine is perfectly tempered by the freshness of its refined bubbles. Look for hints of elderberry and wisteria along with a sweet white-fruit finish.We source the grapes for this wine from the Roero, ... click for more details
Sku: 38163
Reg. $11.99

Ruffino Orvieto Classico  750ml     
The Orvieto Classico wine is named after one of Umbria’s most beautiful cities, located on a hilltop between Florence and Rome. This city is known for its magnificent dome. Wine has been made in Orvieto since the days of the Etruscans. They recognized that the region’s characteristic tufa (chalky limestone ... click for more details
Sku: 7928
Reg. $8.99

Ruffino Prosecco  750ml       
  Sku: 35214
Reg. $11.99

Ruffino Prosecco  375ml       
  Sku: 46335
Reg. $6.99

Ruffino Reserva Ducale Gold  750ml     

Good, clean nose of cherries and damp earth. On the palate, the wine is well-balanced with smooth tannins and plenty of acidity. Delicious cherry and earthy mineral flavors....
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Sku: 8013
Reg. $34.97

Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico  750ml     
Since its first years of production, Riserva Ducale has become synonymous with fine Chianti, and it has played a leading role in the development of the privileged position which Tuscan quality wines hold throughout the world today. In many markets this Riserva has in fact transcended its category and become known simply ... click for more details
Sku: 8012
Reg. $19.97