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Long before any Canadian liquor board was created, the Jamaican rum that was eventually to be known as Screech was a mainstay of the traditional Newfoundland diet. At this time, salt fish was being shipped to the West Indies in exchange for rum. This resulted in fish becoming the national dish for Jamaicans and rum becoming the traditional drink for Newfoundlanders. Not being overly concerned with alcohol content, the early fishermen tended to drink the rum at incredibly high strength with no attempt made to temper the taste. When the government took control of the alcohol trade in the early 20th century they put the rum in a sophisticated, unlabeled bottle and fortunately did not alter the rum itself. This delightful product may have continued indefinitely as a nameless rum except for the influx of American servicemen to Newfoundland during World War II. As the story goes, a visiting American WWII serviceman downed the rum in one quick toss. His howls of distress caused a bystander to rush to his aid, roaring “What the cripes was that ungodly screech? The taciturn Newf simply replied, “The screech? ‘Tis the rum, me son. As word of the incident spread more soldiers began trying this mysterious rum, adopting it as their favorite. Thus a legend was born. The funny name stuck, and today the rum and its place in Newfoundlands culture have become legendary.
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Screech Honey Rum  750ml     
Sweet taste of honey and citrus, with subtle notes of vanilla & spice- provides perfection to your glass! Garnish with a lemon wedge.... click for more details
Sku: 44623
Reg. $15.97

Screech Rum  750ml     
An award-winning Jamaican rum, steeped in history crafted in Newfoundland. Sweet taste of caramelized sugars, ripe fruits, vanilla and oak. A smooth, balanced blend with no sugar added. The exotic nose of friend plantains, cocoa powder and mangos invites you in. Concise and structured with brown sugar and baked apricot ... click for more details
Sku: 44624
Reg. $15.97

Screech Spiced Rum  750ml     
Screech Spiced Rum is a blend of 4 to 8 years aged Demerara (Guyana) Rums. Infused with a select blend of natural spices, the product has a sweet taste of caramelized sugars, spices, oak and vanilla. A smooth high quality rum with no sugar added.... click for more details
Sku: 44622
Reg. $15.97