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In the early 1900’s, the craft of making Arak Liquor, a popular Mediterranean spirit, was being continued in a Brooklyn Brownstone in the old country style. The primative recipe was Raisins and Anise Seed. This moonshine became the inspiration and foundation of what eventually evolved into The Zachlawi Distillery. Our Master Distiller Marty Kairey, equipped with a dream to create the finest Arak Liquor possible, took his passion to professional heights. With apprentice training from Seagrams Master Distiller Roy Emerson, Marty eventually founded a start-up Micro-Distillery on the beautiful Jersey Shore in 2005. Marty’s focused style and creativity led him to develop a unique line of Gourmet Arak Liquor which includes his world famous signature Zachlawi Fig Arak. Passion and challenge gave rise to the creation of an artisanal, small batch, hand crafted vodka. Inspired by a friend and colleague of 17 years, Marty fashioned an authentic Russian Style Kosher Vodka. “UDACHA” Vodka and Sweet Potato Vodka are ranked amongst the finest Vodkas available. The quality, taste and purity are completely unique which could never be replicated in a commercial distillery.
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Zachlawi Cold Brew Platinum Coffee Vodka  750ml       
  Sku: 48922
Reg. $39.99

Zachlawi Sweet Potato Vodka  750ml       
Sweet Potatos are used to soften the bite give a slightly sweet after taste. Complex, Intense, Very Smooth and has a Sweet FinishProof:70OU-P & CRC Hisachdus ... click for more details
Sku: 48930
Reg. $30.99