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Hakushu 12Yr  750ml     
Straight from the untouched forests, mountains, and pure waters of the Southern Japanese Alps, it is no wonder that Hakushu is a ”green and fresh” whisky, praised by the most curious whisky connoisseurs and lovers of gastronomy. Its crisp and vibrant feel, unique in a single malt, enlivens and liberates your ... click for more details
Sku: 45918
Reg. $99.99

Hibikii Single Malt 12 Year Btl  750ml     
The legendary Hibiki represents true harmony. The enigma of perfection, the paragon of the art of whisky and the art of Japan’s artisans. Hibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese, speaks to the soul and emotions of the most discerning whisky lover. Hibiki resonates from nature, and all the subtleties found from the ... click for more details
Sku: 39612
Reg. $119.99

Nikka Pure Malt Whiskey  750ml     
Released in 2014, this no-age statement Taketsuru bottling is a blend of malts aged 10 years on average in different types of oak casks. A high percentage of Miyagikyo malt gives a fresh fruity character, joined by mature aromas from an important sherry cask influence.43% ... click for more details
Sku: 47656
Reg. $74.99

Yamazaki Single Malt 12 Year  750ml     
From Yamazaki was born the surprising, delicate yet profound experience of a Japanese single malt. Spiritual and deep, its signature multi-layered taste is highly praised by whisky connoisseurs all over the world. Today, Yamazaki is not only the ”number-one” single malt whisky in Japan, but is enjoyed in more ... click for more details
Sku: 36942
Reg. $129.99