Von Buhl Riesling Pechstien Grosse Gewachs 2008 750ml
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Country: Germany
Region: Pfalz
Sub-Region: Forst
Grape Varietal: Riesling
Type: Still wine
Reg. $54.99
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Wine maker notes
It is the black basalt, the mineral legacy of the Pechsteinkopf that gives the wine growing here a completely unmistakeable touch. The aroma and flavour of the Pechstein is squaring the sensory circle: beginning with fruity, subtle, exotic, yellow aromas, superseded by a closed, dense character with that typical mineral saltiness, which finds its perfection in a long, youthful, fresh, lasting elegance.

Other text
Grosses Gewachs“ – the name sounds respectful, admiring, and even a little ceremonial. And in fact its exceptional character commands deference and attention. For ”Grosses Gewachs” wines are commitments turned into wine. Commitments to the region, the selection and to tradition. Simultaneously they are a promise to the wine lover, that an excellent draught with its own clear profile awaits him.

Food pairing
The Pechstein loves saltiness. Long matured hard cheese, all types of shellfish and crustaceans, and game fish, prepared simply and yet full of aroma.

The REICHSRAT VON BUHL estate has been a family-owned business for over 150 years and has ranked among the most prestigious estates in Germany ever since. It was founded in 1849 and very soon made a significant name for itself well beyond the borders of Germany. It has been the recipient of some of the top awards at international wine exhibitions in Paris and Brussels.Today the estate is owned by the entrepreneur from Neustadt Achim Niederberger and since 1989 the estate has been leased to an operating company. The owners of this company are two Japanese businessmen, the estate director Stefan Weber and the Sales Manager Christoph Graf. The estate is managed with one goal in mid and that is creating the best conditions for the production of top quality wines and they have recently invested heavily in new cellar facilities and modernized vineyard operations. Estate Manager Stefan Weber is supported by a committed young team, who over the last few years have drawn on these excellent facilities and shown their metal with international success reminiscent of glorious days gone by. Since the 2008 vintage, the estate has been involved in an official procedure to obtain certification for organic cultivation. This step was not motivated only by idealism, but by the conviction that this will help us produce even better qualities.