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Early Times Fire Eater 750ml
Sku: 40314
Step right up, and don't be shy. Introducing the incredible, astonishing, amazing hot spiced spectacle that is Early Times Fire Eater –the new cinnamon flavored spirit that astonishes the ...more
Product Rating
Critics Ratings:     (2)
Product Information
Country: United States
Region: Kentucky
Style: Cinnamon
Reg. $16.99
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AROMA: An aromatic blend of warm bakery cinnamon, creamy brown sugar with a hint of cinnamon stick balanced with delicate whisky notes. TASTE: Starts with an inviting blend of bakery cinnamon and sweet brown notes that quickly escalate into a hot cinnamon sensation. FINISH: Finishes with a blend of rich spices and smooth whisky character.
Wine Enthusiast 89 points - Don’t let the name scare you: even spice wimps should be able to handle this one, especially when mixed. This blend of cinnamon liqueur and Early Times Whisky yields a honey color, with zesty aromas and flavors resembling cinnamon red-hot candies. Despite some cinnamon and cassia heat at the back of the tongue, the spice doesn’t completely overwhelm, and serves to balance out the otherwise sweet viscosity. - K.N.  (Feb 2014)

Ultimate Beverage Challenge 88 points - On the nose it is bursting with cinnamon, clove, ginger and red apple. Rich and honeyed in the mouth with a powerful confectionary cinnamon flavor. The finish is dominated by cinnamon and lingers unendingly. (Apr 2014)

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Step right up, and don't be shy. Introducing the incredible, astonishing, amazing hot spiced spectacle that is Early Times Fire Eater –the new cinnamon flavored spirit that astonishes the heat-seekers and the curious-minded alike. Feast your senses to an aromatic carousel of warm cinnamon and brown sugar that escalates into a hot cinnamon sensation of sweet heat with one taste.
Technical notes
33% abv

The first Kentucky whisky hit the scene back in the late 1700s, when an unknown farmer stored his new whisky in a charred barrel. It’s the char that gives Kentucky whisky its smooth-drinking taste and distinctive red color. Like most bottled whiskies, Early Times Whisky came into being later – 1860 to be exact – at a place called Early Times Station, Kentucky. Kentucky water is perfect for making whisky. And the distillery carefully treats the water to insure that it is iron-free and therefore perfect for crafting a great whisky. Kentucky soil also plays its part, yielding plentiful crops of corn, barley and rye. It wasn’t until 1920 that Early Times really started to prosper. That was the year Congress passed the Volstead Act, and Prohibition began. During Prohibition ET was the one brand that BF purchased to augment its medicinal whisky inventory as a stand alone product. This was due to Early Times’ 63 year reputation as ”the whisky that made Kentucky whisky famous”. The Brown-Forman Company acquired Early Times in 1923 and over the next 30 years made Early Times the best-selling whisky in the country. Today its smoothness is savored in over 40 countries. In 1987 the Early Times Mint Julep was named the Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby®. Nearly 90,000 Early Times Mint Juleps are enjoyed at Churchill Downs® racetrack every Derby Week. To learn more, visit our Derby section. Whisky-industry icon Lincoln Henderson retired from his position of Early Times Master Distiller in 2004, handing the reins over to the well-deserving Chris Morris. That same year, Glenn Glaser succeeded Leo Reidinger as Distillery Manager. The transition proved to be as smooth as our whisky. Here’s proof: In 2005, Early Times became the best-selling Kentucky whisky in Japan.